Municipalities should enact an ordinance to prohibit new “gasoline stations” and the installation of additional gasoline pumps at any location. As electrification of all sectors of New York’s economy kicks into high gear, the economics will favor non-fossil fuels. As the community’s vehicle fleet transitions to electric vehicles, this action will prevent businesses and municipalities from having to cope with additional stranded assets. 






Implementation Phases


This action could be fully implemented today.




The NYS Association of Convenience Stores is opposed to electric vehicles because they will not recoup their investments. 

An exception is needed for existing facilities that refill small propane tanks for gas grills.

Need to coordinate and support the local businesses that have this service as a mainstay for their operation.






Example Municipalities

Several municipalities have already implemented this action… 

  • Petaluma, California voted to prohibit any new gas stations from being built within its city. It also stipulates that existing gas stations cannot add new gas pumps but can install EV charging stations.
  • Following Petaluma’s lead, many more municipalities within the region, Sonoma County, are following in their footsteps, such as Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, are currently drafting and submitting their own ordinances in order to prohibit new fossil fuel infrastructure


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reductions


This strategy has no impact on carbon emissions because drivers use existing gas stations.






Climate Smart Communities (CSC) & Clean Energy Communities (CEC) Link


No direct counterpart exists for this action within the CSC and CEC frameworks.








There are multiple co-benefits to completing this action, including:

  • Improvement in air quality.
  • Accelerated  transition to electric vehicles.
  • Reduces risks of fuels spills and fuel delivery truck traffic.