Building the Roadmap

The why, the who, and the how behind the document


Climate change is one of the greatest existential threats facing our society, on the same scale as nuclear war, asteroid impacts, and global pandemics. Against the backdrop of a world in a slow-moving emergency, various levels of government have finally started to take serious action on climate change mitigation, after decades of urging by scientists and other concerned citizens. Municipal governments have an important role in addressing climate change mitigation too.


Volunteers from two groups, Bethlehem Tomorrow and Capital District Community Energy, researched climate change mitigation actions that are within the jurisdiction of Capital District municipalities. Most of the volunteers have professional experience related to climate change mitigation, ranging from engineering and research to public
policy and administration. None of the volunteers have financial interests in this topic that would result in monetary gains if the recommended actions are adopted.



The volunteers examined the actions undertaken by other municipalities across the country and actions recommended by New York state agencies and various nonprofits. The resulting  Roadmap document describes actions that volunteers recommend be undertaken by Capital Region municipalities.






  • Pattie Beeler
  • Rayna Caldwell
  • Tina Carton
  • Snehal Chavan
  • Joshua Clark
  • Jim Daus
  • Mark Dunlea
  • Anne Erling
  • Benjamin Foster
  • Christian Grieco
  • Heather Ipsen
  • Peter Iwanowicz
  • Christine Lennard
  • Tina Lieberman
  • Joe Murphy
  • Carole Nemore
  • William Reinhardt
  • Michelle Rogat
  • Jeremy Snyder
  • Falon Treis
  • Marsha Walton
  • Jason West

Bethlehem Tomorrow

Bethlehem Tomorrow is a citizens action group in Bethlehem, New York. Their mission is to encourage the Town of Bethlehem to protect and preserve farmland, forests, parks and other open spaces for the public benefit, for now and future generations, and to promote activities that encourage an environmentally sustainable community. Visit their website to learn more!

Capital District Community Energy

Since November 2017, Capital District Community Energy (CDCE) has been organizing and advocating for the establishment of a region wide Community Choice Aggregation to allow municipalities in the Capital District to purchase clean affordable energy for their residents. CDCE aims to create a more sustainable capital region by supporting local clean equitable energy for all residents. Visit their website to learn more!